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Honesty and transparency — our two core values — make the internet a friendly place. Our reviews are written by users themselves, and are not influenced by VPN companies. When you purchase a VPN, we sometimes earn affiliate commissions that support our work. Here is an explanation of exactly what we do and how to support our work. Newshosting is a Usenet provider that also offers VPN service as an add-on to their Usenet service plans. The VPN they provide is a full featured product that can be used to browse the web as well as newsgroups.

Newshosting has over 70 servers located in more than 17 countries throughout Europe and the United States. Subscribers are allowed to switch between any of the servers whenever they want, making this VPN a good choice for bypassing geo-restricted streaming media sites as well.

You get unlimited speed and data transfers with every plan, and they also support Voice Over Internet Protocol VoIPso you can keep using your video conferencing software.

Newshosting VPNs keep your browsing private by providing you with a pool of over IP addresses to ensure you get a random IP address every time you connect. They also provide you with an NAT firewall that blocks any traffic from the Internet unless you initiated the connection.

newshosting us

This firewall will prevent any scanning attacks from entering the VPN tunnel and reaching your computer.

Newshosting further protects your privacy by not keeping any activity logs on their servers. Every plan allows 2 simultaneous connections so you can keep your browsing private on your desktop and mobile device to keep your data private at Wi-Fi hotspots. While you can use the VPN connection to browse the internet, bear in mind that the main business of Newshosting is to provide access to Usenet newsgroups.

The majority of the subscription price is for features related to this purpose and, if you are not interested in reading newsgroups, you should consider this before making a decision.

How Do I Configure My Usenet Server Settings?

Otherwise, you will be paying for access to a large number of newsgroups and archived articles. Support is provided by an online ticketing system and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you do not feel like waiting for a response, you can search their knowledge base for answers to common questions or problems you may encounter. Newshosting is a solid VPN for Usenet and provides access to multiple newsgroups and articles.

The service they offer is great from what I have experienced so far, but I signed up on Black Friday for a life-time offer, when going through payment it was somehow twice as expensive as claimed on the site.

I emailed to cancel my account and get a refund, but they did not respond. I still wanted the lifetime deal, so I went through the payment process again, this time it showed properly.

It is quite possible I selected the wrong deal the first time, however I checked their Terms and Services before signing up again, and they stated a 7-day no qualms refund, so I signed up the second time. Now they are refusing to refund my first purchase, so I have paid 3 times as much as intended, and they are holding me to it, despite having cancelled my first account.

Did you know? We approve all user reviews. Companies can't pay to include or exclude any. I have been using Newshosting for Usenet service for many years and I am a satisfied subscriber. I'm new to VPN. Their software makes the startup process easy. That info is from speedtest0 Security and privacy is the main reason I'm using Newshosting. I believe my government shouldn't be snooping on my legal activity!

newshosting us

I don't have anything to hide, but my privacy is important to me and many others! Hopefully I'm staying as invisible as I can. I haven't learned enough to know otherwise! I am really satisfied with their Usenet service and if they match or exceed that with their VPN service, 5 stars will be warranted! Your review must be at least characters long.Newshosting is our top recommended Usenet service. This provider offers the best retention, fastest download speeds, largest server network, and all the features needed for a complete Usenet experience.

Their server network is second to none in terms of speed, retention, and reliability, and the service includes an impressive set of extra features at no cost like a newsreader Usenet access app with integrated search capability and a free Zero-log VPN. Newshosting carries an industry-best 4, days of Usenet posts across all newsgroups on its servers.

Post retention is a key metric to evaluate a Usenet service. Other services might offer 75 to 1, days of retention, which is only a small fraction of the posts available from Newshosting. It is also common for providers to limit or cut costs by capping their retention, meaning they only store posts for a stated or unstated number of days before deleting the oldest posts to make room for the latest posts.

Newshosting Review

Newshosting has never expired a post made to its servers over the last 11 years and continues to add storage capacity for more retention. Their ability to continually collect, store and provide access to millions of posts that the Usenet community generates on a daily basis makes Newshosting stand out from other services.

Newshosting also has some of the fastest download speeds. They buy priority access into all major internet service provider networks to deliver the best speeds to the home. This means users can often experience slow, inconsistent speeds due to congested bandwidth lines during peak hours.

Excellent Windows, Mac and Linux newsreader apps, named the Newshosting Newsreader, make it easy for beginners to search Usenet, preview search results, then download requested posts from Usenet. It's called the Newshosting Newsreader. There are advanced features built-in like NZB-import support, download scheduling, and the ability to bookmark and manually browse your favorite newsgroups -- a good feature for users who like to be hands on with their Usenet browsing.

Newshosting's Lite plan offers 50GB of data per month and rolls all unused gigabytes during any given month into the following months. The Unlimited plan drops the data limit, giving you unlimited monthly access, but otherwise has all the same features. The high-end XL PowerPack plan lifts the maximum number of connections to 60, includes the VPN and throws in a free Easynews account with 10GB of data, enabling access to Usenet and unlimited search from your web browser.

An exclusive 1 week free trial is included with GB of free high speed downloads. In comparison, the standard trial offers 30GB of data allowance. Both trials require entering payment details, but users are not billed until the data allowance is consumed or the number of days allowed in the trial period has passed — whichever comes first. Signing up requires an email address as do all other providers and a credit card or PayPal account.When comparing two pieces of software, going through their pros and cons thoroughly is integral to making the right decision.

In regards to Usenet providers, factors such as the number of newsgroups, bandwidth and download limits, retention, security and of course pricing are crucial when it comes to investing in one of them.

UsenetServer and Newshosting are two of the biggest providers in the Usenet scene, each offering their own value. It could be tricky to know which is the right one to choose, so rather than throwing your money away why not take a look at the different ways these two behemoth Usenet providers compare when faced-off against one another?

UsenetServer is a Cincinnati-based Usenet provider that will surely be around for quite some time. Furthermore, it is possible to access the Usenet on port to enjoy a nice bit encryption and make use of a couple of extra services too, like the UsenetServer Global Search 2.

As a matter of fact, with Newshosting there is access to more thannewsgroupsunlimited data transfer and 3, days of retention for both binary and text files.

Newshosting Special

Now you know the differences between these two strong contenders you should feel a little more informed about these admittedly very similar Usenet providers.

Both UsenetServer and Newshosting are great providersdelivering not only quality Usenet access but a couple of extra services too, such as bespoke newsreaders, an enhanced search engine or added security through trustworthy VPNs.

They both offer free trials, too, so make sure to put them to good use to test each of the services. Your email address will not be published. Searching on Newsbin with UNS.

UsenetServer's VPN. The Company's Newsreader. Downloading Using Newshosting Usenet Browser. Share Your Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Visit Site. Editor's Choice Visit 3.Use these alt. Have you heard about all the amazing crazy? Or maybe you want to compare Usenet newsgroup lists to see what you may be missing? The best way to do this research is to check a fully uncensored Usenet newsgroup list or an unrestricted alt.

We cover both methods below and provide all the resources you'll need. The uncensored Usenet newsgroups you seek do exist, including the alt.

However, both the number and type of newsgroups you can access vary for every Usenet provider, especially the alt. Many Usenet providers censor the newsgroups you can access.

These links below will display all of the newsgroups carried by that particular Usenet provider carries. If you like what you see and want to access these newsgroups, especially in the alt. We go over both of these free options in our very popular post, Best Free Usenet.

The easiest option but which isn't free is to use a premium Usenet provider. This means paying for access to Usenet newsgroups through a service provider.

Keep in mind that not all Usenet services are created equal.

How to get Movies/TV Shows for your Media Server (Plex, XBMC, Etc)

Quality and prices can vary greatly, so make sure to inform yourself and check out the best Usenet providers:. Try risk-free for 14 days. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Index Uncensored Usenet Newsgroup List. Want Access to Uncensored Usenet Newsgroups? Uncensored Usenet Newsgroup List.Disclaimer: Affiliate links help us produce good content.

Learn more. Newshosting is a big name in its field. However, just how reliable is Newhosting as a VPN service, viz-a-viz speed and security?

This Newshosting VPN review aims to find out. The VPN is primarily offered to users as an incentive to purchase the Usenet services of Newshosting. Newshosting VPN is known, just like its actual Usenet provider parent company Newhosting, for its focus on security. Newshosting VPN has a solid array of different ways to protect your browsing, namely:. This is where Newshosting VPN might lose the most points in our review.

This can theoretically and easily be put together to create a personal profile and link the activity to the user. We were able to snag download speeds around Mbps when connecting and hopping around different servers for both download and upload speeds.

The connection speed was similarly amazing, with the response time averaging 15ms from their side. A big reason behind this is the actual server count: Newshosting VPN has more than 70 servers in nearly 20 countries, and more than 7, IPs to offer a user at any given moment.

Custom apps are available for:. The app itself is easy to use where a native client is available with a server list, a spread-out design, and the ability to auto connect. VPNs are used the world over to get around Netflix and Hulu geo-blocking, in addition to other streaming services the BBC iPlayer comes to mind, which is only technically available for UK residents.

This makes it a good choice for entertainment platforms, given the good speeds. Any good VPN worth its salt should be considered an all-rounder, unblocking P2P connections and paving the way for secure torrenting. Given the dire condition of censorship and online surveillance currently on the rise in many, many countries — of which China deserves special mention due to its Great Firewall — it only makes sense that users wish to arm themselves with a VPN.

We would recommend searching for a VPN specifically dedicated to making the internet a less-restrictive place. While the FAQs are well-detailed, our interaction with their representatives leaves a lot to be desired.Usenet newsgroups have been around since the dawn of the internet as the very first online social network. The deeper the retention, the larger the archive of posts you have access to and the better the experience. Choose a provider that is clear about how much retention it offers, grows its retention daily, and never expires posts from its servers.

The best Usenet services out there not only provide access to recent posts, but also to years of high quality newsgroup post archives. Many providers intentionally limit their retention.

Whatever the reason, such providers offer access to a fraction of Usenet history, often without stating how much retention they actually maintain. This is massive in terms of the content you will be able to access. Premium providers also continue to invest in their storage capacity to offer more and more retention over time, effectively never expiring articles posted to their servers.

newshosting us

Other providers often let the oldest posts expire at unpredictable times, so you never know when posts you want to download will vanish from their servers. Newshosting is the best Usenet provider as tested and vetted by our experts. If you want a strong all-rounder of a Usenet service, then look no further than this provider.

Newshosting operates multiple US and European server farms and provides access tonewsgroups. All plans include unlimited downloads and a high-quality newsreader software with Usenet search and file previewing built-in, making it easy to find articles posted to newsgroups. Newshosting runs its own servers globally and has the fastest, most consistent download speeds.

Newshosting also provides access to over 11 years of binary and text retention -- the most available from any Usenet service provider. Newshosting, instead, keeps a copy of every article posted, regardless of how old it is or how many users are requesting them. This means you will always get access to a complete and growing database of Usenet posts.

Through the exclusive TechRadar promo, you can grab a GB free trial that includes the newsreader and a free albeit rudimentary Zero-log VPN account for extra security. Newshosting tested the fastest during our download speed tests. It buys priority, premium routed access into all major ISP networks whereas many other providers often buy cheaper traffic routes that can get overcrowded during peak traffic times.

It also passed our tests in retrieving old binaries we could not find on other Usenet servers. Are there any negatives at all here? Newshosting is well priced. Considering you get access to the most retention, fastest speeds, a free newsreader with search and a free VPN, you will be hard-pressed to find a better value.

You can test it for yourself with a GB free trial with unlimited speeds, exclusive to TechRadar visitors, which is the best Usenet free trial offered anywhere. Get the best overall Usenet provider Newshosting tops our charts for quality, and the price is good.A global discussion and news-sharing network, Usenet has been around for as long as the Internet itself. In spite of being so old, Usenet is still very much active. When picking out a Usenet provider, always consider its 'retention' or the length of time it keeps its archive online.

The retention period should be as extensive as possible since this means access to more posts. The posts are published in newsgroups, so a higher number of newsgroups means more valuable content for access.

The ultimate Usenet provider, Newshosting is powered by multiple US and European server farms, facilitating access to overuncensored newsgroups. All of its subscription options offer unlimited downloads and speed, as well as a free trial for the duration of two weeks or until you spend the first 30GB of data traffic.

Articles in newsgroups can be easily viewed thanks to the first-rate newsreader with search and file preview capacities, available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Thanks to owning and managing all of its servers around the world, Newshosting can deliver consistently high download speeds. As for retention, it has reached and-a-half years and counting, both binary and text, giving you access to hundreds of billions of posts.

Data transfer is unlimited, save for the basic plan which limits it to 50GB with rollover. An independent Usenet provider with a data center in Amsterdam, Eweka owns a self-built and managed network with POP locations in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, and more.

Thanks to these, it is able to provide a stable and fast connection to all the content on its servers. To ensure the same for its customers on the American continent, the provider manages its own trans-Atlantic backbone including fiber connections, using the highest quality equipment from Foundry Networks.

Signing up will get you a free search-equipped newsreader software called Newslazer.

Newshosting Review 2020 - Keep This in Mind Before Buying

Regardless of the chosen pricing plan, users are limited to a maximum of 20 connections but are guaranteed unlimited downloads. If you sign up for a subscription versus one of the pre-paid plansyou can take advantage of the 7-day free trial. It includes a proprietary Mimo Usenet browser and search engine, as well as a day or 10GB free trial.

For those who opt for one of its unlimited subscription options, it will even throw in a complimentary VyprVPN account. The provider has three limited Usenet plans, all supporting up to 20 connections, but differing in monthly data access and retention length.

The service also connects to multiple high-quality backbone providers and the largest ISPs in the world. UsenetServer offers a solid core service with unlimited downloads and excellent download speeds above Mb thanks to its multiple servers in the US and EU.

Accompanied by a free NZB search engine but not a newsreaderthe platform has a long retention period, with 4, days and counting. It only allows up to 20 connections, but you do get a zero-log VPN with its annual plan, as well as a lower price compared to the competition, especially if you opt for the annual subscription. Due to maintaining peering relationships with all major and most smaller Usenet providers, UsenetServer provides access to almost any article posted to Usenet anywhere in the world.

TweakNews is a basic service whose top plan includes unlimited download speeds and downloads, 60 maximum connections, and a free zero-log VPN with servers in over 50 countries. Other plans are solid as well, although limiting speeds to 50 and Mbps and allowing up to 30 and 40 connections, respectively. A free newsreader with search and file preview capabilities comes in handy for non-experienced users.

In addition to regular plans, you can also purchase block subscriptions that do not include a free trial or free VPN and have the same speed - Mb.

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