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John Lee Anthony Tapia [1] February 13, — May 27, was an American professional boxer who competed from to Tapia was inducted duringposthumously, to the International Boxing Hall of Fame. His father had reportedly been murdered while his mother was pregnant with him. When he was eight years old, his mother, Virginia, was kidnapped, raped, repeatedly stabbed, and left for dead by her assailant. Raised thereafter by his grandmother, Tapia turned to boxing at the age of nine.

Tapia had an outstanding amateur career, winning the New Mexico State Golden Gloves, [4] the and National Golden Gloves tournaments at light flyweight and flyweightrespectively. Tapia's professional boxing career began on March 25,when he fought Effren Chavez in Irvine, California.

After four rounds of boxing the fight was called a draw. He won eight fights that year, five by knockout, of which four were in the first round.

Inhe won seven more fights, including a first-round knockout of Abner Barajas and an eight-round decision against John Michael Johnson.

Inhe won seven bouts, including an eight-round decision over Jesus Chongan eleventh-round technical knockout of Roland Gomez in Reno that gave him the USBA super flyweight title, and a twelve-round decision over Luigi Camputaro, to retain that title. Tapia was, by the end of the year, a known boxer, his name often appearing in magazine articles. However, his career came to a halt for the next three and a half years after being suspended from boxing for testing positive for cocaine.

When he finally returned to the ring on March 27,he beat Jaime Olvera by a knockout in four rounds in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Boxing's Official Record Keeper

Five days later the Albuquerque Police claimed they found cocaine after the fight in a bag carried by Tapia.

Tapia claimed what the police found was only a soap bar, and the charges were eventually dropped. He then knocked out former champion Rolando Bohol in the second round. In his first title defense, Tapia defeated Jose Rafael Sosa by decision. He retained the title with a nine-round technical draw with Ricardo Vargas and a decision in twelve against his onetime nemesis in the amateur ranks, Arthur Johnson. After two more wins, he gave Willy Salazar a title shot, knocking him out in nine rounds.

Inhe fought six more times, keeping his undefeated record and defending the title five additional times during that period, which included wins against Giovanni Andrade, Ivan Alvarez, future champion Hugo Rafael SotoSammy Stewart and Adonis Cruz.

Their rivalry had begun many years earlier when Romero's father trained both boxers. Tapia's split with the Romero family had not been on good terms. After that, the fight with Romero was set for Las Vegas.

The fight took place on July In his next fight, he defeated Puerto Rico 's Andy Agosto via decision. Tapia began by successfully defending his championships for the 11th time against former world champion Rodolfo Blanco of Colombia via decision, and then he vacated his world titles in order to move up in weight.

Back quickly after that, he was given a shot at the WBO title. He became a two time world bantamweight champion by beating Jorge Eliecer Julio by a decision at Albuquerque on January 8, After he defended his belt with a decision over Javier Torresa rematch with Ayala to unify the belt was set up. Ayala won by unanimous decision in a fight that ring observers largely felt Tapia won; following the fight, Showtime commentators said that Tapia "put on a clinic" and "something's not right," nearly labeling the decision as rigged.

Tapia returned home to prepare for bouts inwhen he went up in weight and beat Famosito Gomez by a knockout in six, and former WBC featherweight champion Cesar Soto by knockout in three. InTapia traveled to London, where he knocked out Eduardo Enrique Alvarez in the first round; after the bout, he was interviewed by former rival Romero.

Tapia won a dubious decision, becoming a world title holder in three different divisions. Tapia returned on the night of October 4,defeating Carlos Contreras by ten round unanimous decision at Albuquerque. On April 15,he sustained an injury to his left eye but was able to continue and win a repeat match-up with Frankie Archuleta. That win came by ten round split decision in Albuquerque. At 38, Tapia faced little-known Sandro Marcos in Chicago. In the second round, Marcos connected with a left hook to the body.

Tapia fell to the canvas, clutching his ribcage, as referee Genaro Rodriguez reached the count of Johnny Tapia was the good natured wild man, famously living the vida loca. He was the star. Paulie Ayala was the blue-collar fighter, a quiet man who happened to be a talented boxer. Together they created fireworks in and again in Ayala, who turns 50 on April 22, watches videos of those fights occasionally and the emotion floods back every time. And he remembers the circumstances that led to the two encounters and the fights themselves — both of which took place in Las Vegas — as if they happened yesterday, not two decades ago.

Man who allegedly shot late boxer’s son in custody

Ayala had championship pedigree from his amateur days, when he contended for a place on the U. However, going into the first Tapia fight, he was 30 years old and had failed in his only attempt to win a major world title.

Ayala lost a close technical decision. Paulie Ayala celebrates his victory over Johnny Tapia in Ring Magazine did a good article at the time. They interviewed everyone. Johnny gave [Top Rank] my name.

Ayala was well aware of Tapia, whose abilities were obvious in spite of his mercurial, self-destructive life outside of ring. He was confident. Tapia and Ayala traded obligatory barbs in the lead up to the fight, each trying to gain a psychological edge.

And he succeeded. As the fighters were being introduced, Tapia walked over to Ayala and gave him a shove, which set the tone for an intense encounter. Tapia, a slick boxer and a better athlete than some might realize, boxed and moved in the early rounds but eventually began to stand and trade with Ayala. The give and take — hard shots to the body from both fighters, head-snapping combinations, a frenetic pace — had the crowd in a tizzy in what would ultimately be named The Ring Magazine Fight of the Year.

Six world champions in the s trained simultaneously in the same gym. I used to spar with some of them. I had a lot of experience preparing myself. I liked the way he fought. I thought he was a flashy, entertaining fighter. To have it come full circle, to face this guy for a world title and win, was great. Ayala left Tapia gave fans another compelling fight in their rematch. Of course, Tapia wanted a chance to regain his title. And Ayala was more than happy to oblige him.Last week, year-old Johnny Tapia told police he was riding his motorcycle with friends near Montgomery and San Mateo when the passenger of a truck pointed a gun at him and fired.

Tapia was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg. At last check, the family said he was recovering. Investigators connected the shooting to year-old Luis Armijo. A warrant was issued and he was arrested this week.

Armijo is now behind bars facing charges including aggravated battery and shooting at or from a motor vehicle. KRQE - Of New Mexico's new coronavirus reported on Sunday, 72 of those new cases came from the westside emergency homeless shelter. That brings the total umber of positive cases there to The shelter reported the first outbreak of 17 cases there on Thursday. The city says everyone who tested positive has been isolated and is receiving medical care fore their symptoms.

KRQE - Albuquerque police are currently investigating a homicide in the northwest part of the city. When they arrived, police found a deceased male. No suspects are known at this time.

This is a developing story and News 13 will provide updates as they become available. Skip to content. Stay Alert Coronavirus Updates. Read the Full Article. Suspects charged with burglarizing Rio Rancho neighbors, in trouble again Video. Connor's Sunday Evening Forecast.

johnny tapia ii

More Weather Video Forecast. Investigators say barbershop was used as front for drug cartel. More Don't Miss.The sequel to the film Bad Boys and the second film in the Bad Boys film seriesthe film follows detectives Burnett and Lowrey investigating the flow of illegal drugs going into Miami.

johnny tapia ii

Bad Boys II was released on July 18, A third film, Bad Boys for Lifewas released in January In the firefight, several KKK members are either killed or injured and Marcus is accidentally shot in the bottom by Mike.

The other cops soon arrive and capture the surviving Klan members, who are revealed not to be the distributors but only small-time buyers of the drugs. Marcus questions if he wants to remain partners with Mike. Meanwhile, Mike is concealing a relationship with Marcus' sister, Syd. Syd, not known to both Mike and Marcus, is an undercover agent of the Drug Enforcement Administrationlaundering money for a Russian gangster group, who distribute ecstasy on behalf of Cuban drug lord Johnny Tapia.

While transporting this money between the Russians and Tapia, Syd is attacked by Haitian ZoePounders planning to steal the money. Mike and Marcus inadvertently stumble into the action, resulting in a gunfight and car chase, devastating the local area and enraging Police Captain Conrad Howard. Marcus and Mike discover Syd's involvement, and Capt. Howard demands they find the supplier of ecstasy. Both Marcus and Mike confront the Haitian gang, plus find out from their leader after interrogating him thoroughly that a local mortuary is possibly being used by Tapia as a front for more money laundering.

The pair then go to penetrate Tapia's mansion disguised as pest exterminators, and discover that Tapia has gotten rid of some of his Russian distributors and has begun to court Syd, still undercover with the DEA, for distribution. The detectives locate the boat used for drug smuggling after forcing a captured Klan member to reveal its location, observe a morgue van make a rendezvous with it, and give chase unsuccessfully. Mike and Marcus infiltrate Tapia's mortuary disguised as ambulance drivers, and learn that he is using dead bodies to smuggle drugs and money.

When the pair are almost discovered, Marcus accidentally ingests some of the ecstasy and Mike orders the disguised officers outside the building to crash an ambulance into it, creating a diversion.

The mortuary and Tapia's mansion are raided, the drugs and money intercepted by the U. Coast Guard.

johnny tapia ii

However, during the raid a vengeful Russian gangster, Alexei, goes to the mansion on his own, planning to get revenge for his friends that died. He soon meets the exact fate as the cops arrive and eliminate him by shooting him while Tapia discovers Syd, kidnaps her and takes her to Cuba.

With Syd hostage in Tapia's compound, he demands the return of his money in exchange for Syd. The group flee, an infuriated Tapia in pursuit, which ends in a minefield outside of the U.

Naval Station Guantanamo Baywhere Tapia holds Mike at gunpoint, with guards at the naval station threatening them. Syd activates one of the mines with her pistol, killing Tapia's thug. Marcus defeats Tapia by shooting his forehead, causing him to fall backwards on a few of the landmines, obliterating his body.

A grateful Mike thanks and congratulates Marcus for rescuing him before kissing Syd. Later, while they lounge in the new pool back at the Burnett house, Marcus finally makes peace with Mike dating Syd. Marcus's peace is short-lived when Mike informs him that he and Syd can't be together because of Marcus and his attitude.

While a playful argument ensues over transfer papers, the family dog destroys the above ground pool, washing both of them into the sea as Marcus and Mike re-affirm their partnership as they celebrate their victory by singing Bad Boys.

The film received negative reviews for its excessive and graphic violence, long running time, misogynistic depiction of women, and bloated plot. The site's critical consensus states, "Two and a half hours of explosions and witless banter. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film one out of a possible four stars, especially offended by one scene involving a teenage boy and the use of the word niggasaying, "The needless cruelty of this scene took me out of the movie and into the minds of its makers.

What were they thinking?This article is a stub and is in need of expansion. You can help Villains Wiki by expanding it. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page.

He is a Cuban drug kingpin who is hiding ecstasy in dead bodies. Tapia owns a funeral home as a cover to hide his drugs. Mostly, he always ends up winning by suing the Miami P. But the only two people that Tapia can never touch are Marcus and Mike, as they figure out the whole thing while posing as pest control officers due to Tapia's rat infestation. Tapia figures out from one of the gangsters who work for him that Sydney Burnett is a DEA agent, Marcus' sister, and Mike's girlfriend.

Tapia spent most of the movie trying to kill Marcus and Mike and holds Sydney hostage. Tapia is later killed by Marcus who shoots him and his corpse explodes on a landmine.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Jafar says: Read my lips and come to grips with the reality! Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older.Through the main act of the film, he is the distributor of ecstasy that goes through several shipments on behalf of the main Russian distributors.

Tapia runs a drug cartel operation arranging from a ecstasy factory manufacture in Amsterdam to casket-deliveries in the deep blue seas of the Gulf of Mexico. He gets a call from drug suppliers that the caskets filled with bags of ecstasy had been secured and that the shipments had succeeded. Learning that his drug mules were busted in a raid against the Ku Klux Klanhe arranges his employers to change the boat schedules. He is later seen on the cellphone talking Russian nightclub owner Alexeiwho distributes ecstasy on behalf of Tapia.

Tapia arranges a laundering for the Russians to launder their earned money to associate Sydney Burnettwho is actually a DEA agent, so she can deliver the drug money on a drop to Tapia's henchmen.

However, the drop is cut short when Haitians violently sabotage the drug deal. Fortunately, the drug money is saved and Tapia's men picks them up. After the intense shootout, Carlos informs his boss that Syd managed to get the money delivered safely as Tapia shoots rats that are eating his drug money. He scolds his cousin and close assistant Roberto for his irresponsibility of letting the drug drop nearly ruined and also threatens to castrate him for swearing in front of Tapia's daughter.

Later, he arranges a meeting with Alexei. He has ordered Alexei's closest friend and middleman Josef Kuninskavich murdered and also his limbs cut off in a tortilla bin. Tapia threatens Alexei's family before having Alexei hand over all of his club property. In the meantime, detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett infiltrates Tapia's mansionposing as exterminators, and escapes when Roberto learns of their schemes.

Breaking the last straw for Roberto's incompetence, Tapia murders Roberto in front of his men and tells his mother that he committed suicide. Tapia then orders a death bounty on Mike and Marcus to his men.

Tapia's drug payroll is botched when Mike and Marcus follow a morgue van consisting of dead bodies. Tapia, on the phone with Carlos, orders them killed.

This eventually fails and as a result, the van driver is unintentionally killed during a struggle with Mike. At the crime investigation, Carlos learns that Mike and Marcus are not criminals, but policemen. The two obtain a warrant and this leads to the mortuary being raided.All the hotels were very nice and clean. The breakfast buffets in every hotel was amazing. A huge array of delicious food. The day tours were interesting and informative.

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